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Encouraging a Child’s Curiosity About Robots

Curiosity is always something to be applauded and nurtured in a child, and those who are curious about the world around them often turn out to be the happiest and most successful of all later on. Unfortunately, the modern world is equipped with so many potentially stultifying distractions that some children never get to let their senses of wonder and curiosity run free, instead ending up with their noses buried in mobile phones or video games. Parents who want their children to realize their true potential therefore often do well to help them engage their senses of curiosity in productive, self-reinforcing ways.

Many children today, for instance, are interested in robots, and lego toolkit there are some great ways of helping them engage that drive to learn and understand. One of the best known of these is the Lego Mindstorm series of robotics kits, a family of products that has gone on to great popularity in the years since its introduction.

An even newer and more alternative is the kind of Virtual Robotics Simulator that can now be found online. Compared to a traditional robotics kit, a virtual robot builder can be even more ambitious and wide-ranging, being freed, as it is, from dependence on physical components. As a result, children who have access to a lego mindstorm simulator or other service of this kind can allow their imaginations to run even more freely.

The ability to build a virtual robot online is a fairly new one, but that is not to say that the space is not fairly mature already. Children are typically guided through the process of assembling an extremely simple virtual robot first, a matter that typically involves connecting a few basic blocks in relatively obvious ways.


Thereafter, they are normally given some more interesting options to pursue, along with the ability to deviate from the established plans. While a first robotics project of this kind might result in a simple, four-wheeled vehicle that bumps into walls, more advanced ones can include features like sensors for obstacle avoidance, attachments for picking up objects, and suspensions for traveling over rougher terrain.

Along the way, kids will also get to explore other potentially avenues, too. Robots of all kinds rely on sophisticated programs that govern their actions, and children will be able to experience what it is like to design and create such instructions. With the basic, undeniable appeal of robots supporting the whole endeavor, children often find the field one that greatly piques their curiosity.